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一品「Magic At The Edge (3 DVD SET) by Jeff McBride」

ジャンル DVD / オムニバス
価格 ¥ 2,980



TRIBAL PIERCING - An impromptu shocker! Push your thumb through your ear-listen to the screams!
MAGIC WISHING RAINBOW - Your participant's wish comes true with a surprise gift! A lesson in eye contact and engagement.
RAINBOW TO DOLLAR - You will conjure a rainbow from the air and transform it into real money your participant can keep!
WISHING RAINBOW/RAINBOW TO ROSE - The magic rainbow is back and transforms into the gift of a rose. An effect sure to melt the heart and make a lasting memory.
MAGIC BUBBLES - Enchanted bubbles become real in your participant's hand! This effect can silence crying children and might even get you a first-class airline upgrade!
HINDU ROPE / RISING CARD - An immaculate rising card, totally impromptu, with a mythic presentation. Better than nearly any gaffed deck version.
THE BEAD & STRING MYSTERY - Break free from bondage! A ritual of liberation that enpowers your participants to set their minds free.
WORLD'S FASTEST HANDS - Jeff's super fast card opener: two participants' cards revealed-really really fast. A close-up illusion that defies explanation.
NO SMOKING - A magical performance with the intention of healing and perhaps empowering your friends to quit smoking.
THE POD BELT - Jeff shows you his survival accessory belt that has more toys and attachments than Batman!
McWALLET - The signed card appears inside the wallet that is also inside a zippered pouch! A real world Card in Wallet that can be repeated multiple times. This has fooled the best!


HOUDINI STRAIGHTJACKET - Abbi Spinner McBride's performance and explanation of the Houdini Straightjacket Challenge, with Eugene Burger giving historical background on this pack-small, play-big illusion.
THE MAGNETIC CARDS - A modern version of Nate Leipzig's astonishing card levitation. A trance-inducing wonder!
HEART CONNECTION - Make deep personal connections with two signed playing cards. More than a mere trick-it is real magic from the heart.
PRISNA'S DANCING CANE - The evolution and revolution of the dancing cane in pop culture (performance only).
THE SHARK FIN PIN - This little known close-up illusion even fools experienced magicians! A saftey pin rips through your jacket and leaves no trace!
SAMINA'S "INTO GOLD" - A lesson in alchemy-from the scintillating sorceress-will teach you to change real lead into gold in the participant's hand.
TRASH TO TREASURE - An enviro-magic experience that transforms garbage into glitter. Ecologically inspired conjuring.
BUSINESS CARD CONNECTION - Jeff shares a few of his impromptu business card effects that ensure your business card gets kept and remembered. A networking solution to a modern problem.
MCQUICK TIP TRICK - A super fast impromptu production and transformation of cards and money. Your participant keeps the money and your reputation builds as a real world wonderworker.
McMINT - An ultra-modern version of Signed Card to Impossible Location using a breath mint case. This is a mini-illusion and Jeff's closer in his close-up show.


THE CHEN LEE MCBURGER WATER SUSPENSION - Water magic that mystifies close up, parlor or stage. This combinatin of classic method and modern application creates a powerful impromptu effect with props you already own.
WATER IN THE NEWSPAPER - Abbi McBride performs her commando-style routine in the round, under the Big Top at Burning Man center camp (performance only).
JINKS - Performing in tandem, Abbi and Jeff present an in-the-hands Wild Card invented by the brilliant Gordon Bean. Introducing the Spinner Count.
LISTEN TO THE MUSTN'TS - Inspired by Tracey Atterberry and Shel Silverstein, a tale of hope and courage. Blank canvases mysteriously paint themselves with images of your magical potential.
HERMETIC STAR GAZER - Alan Wong created one of the great rubber band effects of our time. This is Jeff's lesson in alchemical geometry with guest participant Stephen Larsen. As above . . . so below!
SPELLBOUND - Jeff's tips and subtleties on this classic coin routine.
BURNING MAN IN THE HAND - A cutting edge presentation for the classic Okito Wicker Rising Doll. Burn baby burn!
FIRE RITUAL- A ceremony of enchantment where burning intentions manifest into reality with a flash of fire.

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